Artificial general intelligence is around the corner: here's what to do about it

January 2023

A personal struggle led to an actionable path for creators who feel stuck
Instead of simply speaking with a therapist, I created one.

December 2022

How I make relatively small investments in relatively big deals

November 2022

What makes us human? And how a boring staple manufacturer developes a legendary vision

October 2022

We are wired toward tribalism, and iconography gives us a simple visual tool to distinguish "us" from "them."
Rituals are the periodic events that unify a tribe. We examine rituals in religion, understand the core elements that make them successful, and learn…
Let's examine the best practices of the most enduring faiths to build great cultures in our own orgs.

March 2019

Perhaps some of these will resonate with you or help you create your own weekly list. Or, perhaps they will help you understand who I am

September 2017

I absolutely love my job. It’s never boring. We at Budsies are constantly launching completely new brands and dominating markets. We…
In the first 2 years of building Budsies, the excitement of the growth was enough for me. I was thrilled each time we reached a milestone…

August 2017

One of the fun facts about Budsies is that all employees (except me) are psych majors. The experience has fundamentally changed my…